What is HyperPure?

We offer everything from fresh vegetables and fruits to high-quality groceries, antibiotic residue-free chicken, a broad range of other meats and seafood, and even eco-friendly packaging for restaurants to use - all at competitive prices.

Using our products gets your restaurant a "HyperPure Inside" tag on Zomato, assuring every customer that you care about the quality of your food.

What can you buy from HyperPure?

Just about any food or beverage item for your kitchen!


Vegetables & Fruits








Dairy & Beverages



Ecofriendly Packaging Material

Ecofriendly Packaging Material


  • What is HyperPure by Zomato?

    HyperPure is Zomato's supplies platform for restaurants. It allows you to purchase:

    • The freshest, most high quality ingredients available on the market
    • Antibiotic residue-free chicken, which is better for your customers than regular chicken
    • Eco-friendly packaging (which is recyclable and doesn't harm the environment) for deliveries

    Every single item sold on HyperPure is based on strict industry guidelines, ensuring that you get the best products at competitive prices, and that your customers benefit from these, too.

  • Why is HyperPure good for my restaurant operations?

    • We have verified, well-known sellers that are looking to establish long-term partnerships
    • We provide access to a large catalogue of products that you can search / order quickly
    • Our packaging fits the needs of a wide range of common cuisines
    • Our prices are competitive and our deliveries are on time
  • How can I sign up for a HyperPure by Zomato account?

    You can sign up by clicking this link or writing to us at help@hyperpure.com.

  • What makes HyperPure products better than the produce I can source elsewhere?

    We understand the importance of consistency. Zomato works directly with a large network of professionals that consists of farmers, mills, producers, and processors (in the case of poultry). We put a great deal of effort into maintaining our relationships with the original source of each of our products, in order to ensure we offer you the freshest, most high quality produce, and that we do it consistently.

  • What is eco-friendly packaging?

    Eco-friendly packaging is recyclable.

    "Recyclable" means that the material can be collected, re-processed into useful products, and used again. Thus, biodegradable and recyclable packaging are better for the environment, and we offer these wherever possible on HyperPure.

  • Does HyperPure offer credit periods?

    Yes, we offer credit periods from 7 - 45 days. (However, lower credit periods get better prices.)

  • I run a restaurant. Can I purchase from HyperPure?

    Absolutely. HyperPure is open to anyone that runs a restaurant, regardless of whether you operate a single outlet or a larger chain (or something in between).

  • Why is HyperPure good for my restaurant business?

    • By ordering through HyperPure, your restaurant gets a HyperPure tag on its Zomato page
    • This tag assures customers that you use the best ingredients at your restaurant
    • As a result, the HyperPure tag makes customers more likely to order from you
    • The HyperPure tag is also searchable and filterable, which is great for discovery on Zomato
  • What kind of products can I buy through HyperPure by Zomato?

    Through HyperPure you can purchase: Vegetables & Fruits, Poultry (including antibiotic residue-free chicken), Groceries, Meats, Seafood, Dairy, Beverages, and Eco-friendly Packaging.

  • What is the difference between regular chicken and antibiotic residue-free chicken?

    Like people, chickens sometimes fall sick. In order to prevent this, farmers treat them with antibiotics to make them resistant to various illnesses. While this is a good preventive measure, consuming a lot of chicken that has been treated with antibiotics also makes the human body immune to these antibiotics over time, which is likely to make medicines less effective when you're unwell. Oftentime, it is not even documented what drugs these chickens are being treated with

    In the case of antibiotic residue-free chicken, the chicken is only treated with prescribed treatments in the required doses, and the process is thoroughly documented. Additionally, time is allowed for the drug to leave the chicken's body, ensuring it does not impact the human immune system when consumed.

  • What modes of payment are accepted on HyperPure by Zomato?

    We accept online payments as well as cheques.

  • What do I do in the event that there are issues with incorrect billing or delivery?

    In the event of a faulty delivery or any billing related issue, get in touch with your Account Manager and they'll help you resolve the problem ASAP.

  • Can I return an item once it has been purchased?

    Any items you want to return (due to quality concerns or anything else) need to be returned at the time of delivery. We do not accept returns once the item has been claimed by the restaurant.