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Marimbula - Blue Curacao, 1 L

1 bottle
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Introducing Marimbula's Blue Curacao, a vibrant and refreshing liqueur bottled in a convenient 1-liter size. Infused with the essence of citrus fruits, this blue-hued liqueur adds a tropical twist to cocktails and mixed drinks. Perfect for crafting colorful and flavorful beverages, Marimbula Blue Curacao is a must-have addition to any bar or cocktail enthusiast's collection. Enjoy the exotic taste of the Caribbean in every sip with Marimbula Blue Curacao.

Product Benefits:

  • Add Flavour to beverage
  • Higher fruit content
  • Highly versatile and goes well with signature/speciality beverages
  • 100% Vegetarian Product


  • Mix 10 ml of syrup with 90 ml of your preferred beverage to create a 100 ml drink.


  • Sodas, Lemonades, and Specialty Beverages