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Sunbay - Tamarind Pulp, 1 Kg

1 pc
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Discover the convenience of our thick and tangy Tamarind Pulp, an easy replacement for traditional tamarind in your recipes. Made from high-quality tamarind, this pulp can be diluted to suit your culinary needs, offering authentic flavor without the hassle of hours of cooking. It not only saves time but also reduces operational costs in the kitchen. Sunbay's Tamarind Pulp is free from artificial colors or flavors, ensuring an authentic taste experience for your dishes. Simplify your cooking process and elevate the flavors of your recipes with this versatile ingredient.

Cooking Instructions:

  • 3 Step cooking – Add the Portion, Heat & Stir

Recipe Information:

  • Chutney’s, Dips, Sambar

Solution Benefits:

  • Maximize Output: The product is versatile and helps you create multiple dishes with a single pack of gravy
  • Maximize Ratings: Standardises recipes – Consistent & great tasting dishes help you get positive reviews from customers
  • Minimize Cost: Helps you control your food cost and work with a leaner staff. Plus creates a barrier against raw material price fluctuation
  • Minimize Wastage: Eliminates wastage in the kitchen