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Yoka - Shiitake Mushroom (Dried), 1 Kg

1 pc
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Small to medium in size, have defined curled edges. Have a wrinkled, shriveled appearance with rounded caps and short stems. Caps should be thick, showcasing variegated hues of tan, white, brown, to dark brown.

Country of Origin: China

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Cuisines: Asian, Thai, Chinese, Fast Food


• Shiitake mushrooms are popularly braised, steamed, or stir-fried with vegetables as a vegetarian meal

• Tossed into stews, curries, and soups, especially miso or hot and sour

• They can be incorporated into noodle and rice-based dishes

• Can also be finely chopped and used as filling in potstickers, dumplings, and egg rolls, diced into omelets, or stuffed and baked.

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