Gustora - Penne Pasta Whole Wheat, 500 gm

1 pack
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Gustora Whole Wheat Penne is the perfect choice for classic Italian dishes. Made using 100% Durum Whole Wheat Semolina, this penne pasta has a higher fiber and protein content, perfect for healthy meals. The ridges help in perfect absorption of sauces. Enjoy the naturally delicious taste of whole wheat with our Whole Wheat Penne.


Durum Whole Wheat Semolina and Water


Enriched Pasta, 100% Eggless and made from Durum Whole Wheat Semolina (No Maida)

Cooking Time:

7-9 Minutes

Cooking Instructions:

Use 5 L of salted water for 500 g, of pasta. Add pasta to the boiling water and stir occasionally for the cooking time indicated. When cooked, drain and add the desired sauce.