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Gustora - Penne Rigate Pasta, 500 gm

1 pack
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Recognized as India's leading premium pasta brand, we offer traditional pasta made from the finest Durum Wheat Semolina. Enriched with protein and fiber, our pasta contains no trans fat or cholesterol, ensuring a healthier choice. Its optimal texture enables perfect sauce absorption, while the authentic taste and aroma of semolina shine through. Made entirely from suji and no maida, it's a quality selection. Explore our Penne Rigate variety, known for its sturdy form that eagerly soaks up sauces for an enhanced culinary experience.

Cuisines: Pasta, Italian, European

Dishes: Penne Al' Arrabiata, Creamy Garlic Chicken Penne, Chicken Alfredo Bake, Penne Alla Vodka


  • Can be enjoyed simply with butter or oil-based sauces or baked up in a cheesy baked pasta recipe.