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Joyers - Crunchy Chicken Hot Wings, 35 gm/pc (Pack of 10), Frozen

10 pc
Product details
  • Partially fried-product. Ready-To-Cook
  • Flavour and moisture are assured with up to 6% marinade. Crunchy coated wings cut into drums and flats. Wing tip not included
  • Shelf Life: 9 months from Mfg. date when stored at -18°C
  • Chicken weight: Drum (50-70 gm/pc), Flat (30-40 gm/pc). 9-11 pc in 500 gm 
  • Cooking Instructions: 
  • Cook from Frozen
  • Do not thaw
  • Deep fry in pre-heated 175°C vegetable oil for 6-8 minutes

This product is non-returnable.