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Kalbavi - Cashew S (2 Pieces), 10 Kg Tin

10 kg
at ₹600/kg
Product details
  • Origin: India (Mangalore)/Africa (Benin, Tanzania, Ghana)
  • Recommended for Garnishing, Premium Kaju Mithai, Roasting, Premium Gravy, Premium Biryani, Pulaos, Tikki, Kebab, Indian Desserts (Sheera, Basundi, Paal payasam, Gujjia, etc), Ice Cream, Cookies, Cake, Chinese Sauce, etc.
  • Appearance: Cashew Kernel split in two, Pale Ivory, Characteristic shape.
  • Taste & Aroma: Characteristic. Free from Rancid odour
  • Grade: S (Scorched)
  • Moisture %: < 5
  • Next Lower Sized Grade %: 20
  • Next Lower Grade %: 5
  • Free Fatty Acid %: <2
  • If kept under cold storage conditions, whole cashews can be stored for one year with no significant loss in quality