Sunbay - Pasta Penne, 500 gm

1 pack
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Crafted solely from premium Durum Wheat Semolina, ensuring superior quality. Achieve pasta perfection in just 10 minutes with this quick-cooking solution. Meticulously manufactured using authentic Italian technology for an unparalleled culinary experience. Experience the ultimate pasta experience with its impeccable cut and texture designed to hold sauces flawlessly, all without any sticky residue.

Cuisines: Pasta, Italian, European

Dishes: Penne Al' Arrabiata, Creamy Garlic Chicken Penne, Chicken Alfredo Bake, Penne Alla Vodka


  • Toss it with fresh vegetables and herbs for a light and refreshing summer pasta salad
  • Smother it in rich sauce and grated cheese for a classic and comforting dish.