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Suri Extract - Frozen Mango Berry Smoothie Pre-Mix, 120 gm

1 pc
Product details
  • 100% natural frozen Mango Berry Smoothie Premix, made with alphonso mango, blueberry and honey. Free of preservatives & additives, manufactured by Suri Agro
  • Primary shelf life of 6 months in freezer (-18 degree C) and sec shelf life post thawing is 24 hrs in chiller (4 degree C)
  • Place the pack of premix at room temperature for 5 minutes. Cut the pouch and blend the mix with 100-140 ml of your preferred liquid [Yoghurt / milk, Breakfast cereals bowl or Almond / Oats based beverages]. Shake/Blend the mix for 60 seconds or until achieved the preferred consistency.
  • Application : Substitute of fresh fruits for smoothies & shakes. Saves the cost of fruit wastage, fluctuation in rates and low yield. Great product for high moving delivery outlets, cafes, bars, hotels (for breakfast)