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Zippy - Chicken Hot Dog, 1 Kg (18 Pcs/Pack)

1 kg
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Our frozen chicken hot dogs are a healthier twist on a classic favourite. Made with lean chicken meat and a blend of savoury spices, these hot dogs provide a delicious and guilt-free option for your next cookout or snack time craving. Enjoy the same mouthwatering flavour you love, but with the added benefit of being lower in fat and calories.

Weight per piece: 54-56 gm

Pieces per pack: 18

Shelf Life: 9 Months

Storage: Store Constantly at -18 °C. Do not refreeze once thawed

Cooking Directions-

  • Thaw ideally in refrigerator for 6-8 hours (or) till it is thawed (do not thaw in water)
  • After thawing, warm up in the microwave oven for 15 seconds in high temperature (or) till heated
  • Shallow fry in a non stick pan for 3 minutes with very little oil (or) butter till light golden colour

This product is non-returnable.