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Zippy Chicken Seekh Kabab, 1 Kg (Pack of 10 Pcs)

1 pack
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Indulge in the authentic flavors of our frozen chicken seekh kababs. Made from premium chicken meat and a blend of aromatic spices, these kababs are packed with mouthwatering taste and a hint of smokiness that will transport you to the streets of India. Our frozen chicken seekh kababs are a convenient and delicious option for those craving a taste of traditional Indian cuisine. Just grill, bake, or pan-fry these kababs to perfection and savor the juicy and tender chicken infused with the rich flavors of various spices.

Weight per piece: 100 gm

Pieces per pack: 10

Shelf Life: 9 Months

Storage: Store Constantly at -18 °C. Do not refreeze once thawed

Cooking Directions-

  • Thaw ideally in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours (or) till it is thawed (do not thaw in water)
  • After thawing, warm up in the microwave oven for 35 seconds at high temperature (or) till heated
  • Shallow fry in a nonstick pan for 3 minutes with very little oil (or) butter until light golden

This product is non-returnable.